Farmers Get All the Chicks!

By October 5, 2014 Ramblings

Last night AJ and I drove down to Temecula to visit the Primal Pastures farm and partake in their Fall 2014 Potluck! I first learned about Primal Pastures and Farmer Paul from Mark’s Daily Apple and their Kickstarter campaign last year.

I recently connected with Bethany from Primal Pastures through Instagram (she had won a giveaway of Paleo Girl!) and I shared my appreciation and respect for what her and her friends/family were doing within the farming and paleo communities. She invited me out to the potluck and I was thrilled to meet her, connect with the community, and see the working farm live in action.

The tour was inspiring and I was thrilled to learn about their processing workshops. I’ve never killed an animal myself and have always been horrified by the idea…but I understand that’s a problem. I’ve been so far removed from the process that I’ve stripped myself of the connection. Bethany wrote an excellent guest post about this topic over at Mark’s Daily Apple.

The food was amazing, I loved watching Babe under the stars, and we left with full bellies, happy hearts, 18 eggs and a chicken to fry up this week! 🙂 To see all the photos from our evening on the farm, check out my photos on Instagram!

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