Road Trip 2014: Live Soda Tour

By October 8, 2014 Ramblings

On August 16, AJ and I headed out on a massive road trip across the country that lasted about 35 days and took us through well over 20 states. Initially, I planned on blogging each night, but that was impossible between lack of Internet connection some nights and exhaustion from driving 13 some days. Once I got back I wanted to make a massive blog post that covered everything we did—but that’s too many photos, stories, and adventures for one blog post. Plus, I had to prepare for PrimalCon the moment we got back—and that deserves an entire blog entry itself!

I’ve decided that I’m going to blog about random events that took place in no particular order. Think Pulp Fiction-style. And hopefully I’ll wrap all of these entries up with my final thoughts, and what we got out of the trip. Until then, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

First up: the Live Soda tour!

The first week of our road trip, we spent two nights in Austin, Texas. I had never been to Austin and was so excited to check the city out and eat some BBQ! Prior to leaving LA, I had reached out to Live Soda (they’re located in Austin) to confess my eternal love to them. I do this sometimes with companies that I love, and to my surprise—they occasionally write back!

Live Soda was one of those awesome companies that wrote me back! The Director of Marketing, Alicia, was amped that I dug Live Soda, because she dug me! As a Paleo enthusiast, she was excited to connect with me and offered to give AJ and I a tour of the Live Soda facility. Woohoo!

AJ and I arrived at the Live Soda offices and were taken back to Alicia’s office. We introduced ourselves, I gave her a copy of Paleo Girl, and she gave us fashionable hairnets to begin the tour. She showed us where they make their scoby and let us taste some “plain” (unflavored) kombucha. Wow, that stuff was good!

She then took us over to the bottling section of the warehouse and let us pull one right off the line. Man, Living Limon is yummy, but fresh off the line it’s unreal! After that we toured the rest of the facility, talked shop, and discussed some Paleo friendly spots around the city that we shouldn’t miss! She also hooked us up with some (ok, A LOT) of Live Sodas, hats, tee shirts, bandanas, and more.

My favorite part of the tour was all the samples! I had never tried their Dreamy Orange or Sparkling Ginger flavors because I can never find them in LA, but I FINALLY got the chance to try them all! Holy yum!! I enjoy all of their flavors, but I’d have to say my favorites are Revive Rootbeer and Culture Cola.

If you live in/around the Austin, Texas area, or know you’ll be traveling there sometime soon, I can’t stress enough how fun the tour was. I didn’t get special treatment—the tours are open to anyone who reaches out! So hit them up and tell them I sent you!

Be sure to check back soon for more road trip adventures!

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