She’s Here!

By May 12, 2014 Books

Backstory: the company that printed Paleo Girl promised my copies of the book would arrive Saturday morning. Clearly, falling asleep that Friday night felt just like trying to sleep on Christmas Eve as a child. Saturday morning came. And passed. I was expecting the package early for whatever reason, but oh well; I suppose it’ll come around lunch. Saturday afternoon came. And passed. All right, I can handle this. I’ve received shipments as late as 8pm in the past, so it must just be at the end of the FedEx’s guy’s route. Saturday evening came. And passed.

After suffering through the longest and most agonizing weekend of my life, it was Monday morning. At 10am on the dot, the FedEx guy—I should really know his name by now—hollered at me through the open front door.

I tried to play it cool. I casually took the box out of his hand, made a little small talk, and then he was off for his next delivery. There I was, holding Paleo Girl for the first time through a few layers of cardboard, packing tape, and shipping stickers. My heart was racing. I’ve been thinking about this moment since I started writing the book last June, and as badly as I wanted to tear into the package and meet here face-to-face…I also wanted to bask in this moment. I stood in the dinning room clutching the box. I took it in close and hugged it. (You know, normal stuff.) I reflected on the past year of my life, and then set her down on the dinning room table. I grabbed my phone and decided to snap some photos of the unveiling process to share with those that took part in the creation of Paleo Girl.

I got a shot of the sealed box.

Oh, then a glimpse of the box open.

Hey, what’s that? Packing paper!

OMG! There she is!!

What a surreal moment. I snatched Paleo Girl out of the box for closer inspection and to take more photos and some video for Instagram and this blog. It felt like (how I would imagine) holding a child for the first time after carrying it for nine months feels like. Paleo Girl has lived inside of my mind (and heart) for long enough. Finally, she’s here to share with you.

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