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The 6-Figure Blueprint

There’s a critical step that comes BEFORE strategy... When I first started coaching, I saw many examples of people creating 6-figure, multiple 6-fi...

Where Do You Want to Be in 12 Weeks?

This work fell into my lap—literally. I had peers from various coaching programs I’ve been in over the past two years reaching out to me for busi...

The 3 Facets: Physical, Mental, and Emotional Intelligence

The reason why lottery winners often go broke after winning the lottery is the same reason why people who lose weight often gain it back. It’s the ...

Fully Meeting Yourself: You're More Than Just the Pieces

The longing sensation that you’re meant for something more is waiting for you to fully meet yourself. Have you fully met yourself yet? It’s nothing...

My Pit Project: A Deep Dive in Self-Exploration & Empowerment

I went down a rabbit hole in my shower last week after having the realization that I've never seen my own armpits with their natural hair. It's not...

Trauma, Loss & Grief Conversation

My mom received an irreparable injury by the hands of a doctor during surgery on December 3, 2018.Hysterectomies are the second most commonly per...

What "Cringe-Inducing" Videos Taught Me

I've been following people for years that post videos of themselves dancing online.⁠⁠It used to make me cringe.⁠ 🥴⁠⁠Then, slowly over time, I start...

Empathic Communication Masterclass

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is the F O U N D A T I O N of ensuring that your needs are met.⁠⁠Thankfully, this is a skill t...

I Apologize—We Deserve Better

To those of you who have followed me for a long time—I especially want you to hear this.⁠⁠I've long been aware of diet culture and am now seeing (a...


I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Leslie. I so much appreciate the progress I have been able to make with her by my side.

Angie A.

Leslie guided me through some of the very tough personal questions that I long had about myself, that I haven’t been able to answer on my own.

Brittany S.

Leslie not only helped me tune into my own intuitions more clearly, but lifted my heart and soul at a time that I so deeply needed.

Michelle D.

I'm so grateful for you, Leslie, for being there in a masterful way and allowing the clarity that I was looking for to naturally emerge from my creative being.

Juan R.

Working with Leslie has been nothing short of amazing! She helped me to see the things in me that needed my attention...The good and the challenging things.

Lauri'el W.

Leslie has really helped to get me unstuck. I have had several ‘ah-ha’ moments as well as renewed confidence in myself, and more inspiration to pursue my goals.

Sarah W.