Healing Your Relationship with YOU


Trauma, Loss & Grief Conversation

Trauma, Loss & Grief Conversation

My mom received an irreparable injury by the hands of a doctor during surgery on December 3, 2018.Hysterectomies are the second most commonly per...
What "Cringe-Inducing" Videos Taught Me

What "Cringe-Inducing" Videos Taught Me

I've been following people for years that post videos of themselves dancing online.⁠⁠It used to make me cringe.⁠ 🥴⁠⁠Then, slowly over time, I start...
Empathic Communication Masterclass

Empathic Communication Masterclass

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is the F O U N D A T I O N of ensuring that your needs are met.⁠⁠Thankfully, this is a skill t...


Leslie is gentle, kind, encouraging and honest. I so much appreciate the progress I have been able to make with her by my side. Leslie’s perspective has helped me to open my mind to different perspective and possibilities on my journey.

Angie A.

Leslie guided me through some of the very tough personal questions that I long had about myself, that I haven’t been able to answer on my own. I came out with much needed realizations! I highly recommend a coaching session with her.

Brittany S.

I have been feeling stressed with everything going on in the world, and I left feeling revived. I’ve been practicing a little every day with what we discussed, and I truly believe it is helping me mentally. I can’t wait to do this again!

Chastine V.

I'm so grateful for you, Leslie, for being there in a masterful way and allowing the clarity that I was looking for to naturally emerge from my creative being. I'm excited too! Thank you so much for your support!

Juan R.

Leslie not only helped me tune into my own intuitions more clearly, but lifted my heart and soul at a time that I so deeply needed. After we finished my heart was filled with gratitude and determination. Leslie is truly a gift...

Michelle D.

Working with Leslie has really helped to get me un-stuck. While working with her I have had several ‘ah-ha’ moments as well as renewed confidence in myself, and more inspiration to pursue my goals.

Sarah W.