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Authentic Love (Relationships)

Whenever someone tells me that they are manifesting their true love by making a list of all of the ways they want their future PARTNER to show up in the relationship with no mention of how THEY plan on showing up to the relationship I worry about what they're going to end up manifesting!⁠

Relationships are less about "you" and more about "I".⁠

What "I" bring to the relationship.⁠

How "I" show up to save myself.⁠

Then, of course, there's communication.⁠

Are you building a relationship that lacks depth by only engaging in the "easy" conversations? Authentic, BIG love is built on transparency, honesty, and having the "hard" conversations too.⁠

And what about the conditions your partner must meet in order for you to express your love? "I love my partner when they ________." What happens when they don't meet this condition? Is love lessened? A robust relationship that can hold up through the toughest storms is built on a foundation of unconditional love.⁠

These only scratch the surface when it comes to authentic love. What are some other key qualities that you see present in your authentic relationships that are the opposite of what you once thought they were?⁠