Authentic Self


The deeper I get into my Spiritual practice the more I’ve come to trust, love, and REMEMBER my authentic self.⁠

A handful of years ago I had a breakdown which lead to the beginning of one hell of a Spiritual awakening. I was terrified but also at rock bottom. I began my process by practicing surrender.⁠

Awakening was (and still is) challenging, but with every shift, I feel more connected to my authentic self. How do I know this to be true?⁠

As my teachers Ron and Mary Hulnick explain, the authentic self is your highest level of consciousness that resides beyond your mind and emotions. It’s recognized by the qualities that are its hallmarks: acceptance, compassion, joy, peace, enthusiasm, forgiveness, gratitude, and unconditional loving.⁠

Do I radiate all of these qualities 24/7? Of course not. I may be a divine soul, but I’m having and using a human experience here. Keyword: HUMAN.⁠

The same goes for you.⁠

Do you feel connected to your authentic self? If so, what helps you feel connected or “remember” who you truly are?⁠

Meditating, journaling, and the act of placing my hands on my heart and breathing deeply for 30+ seconds are currently the most effective tools for me.⁠