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Fully Meeting Yourself: You're More Than Just the Pieces

The longing sensation that you’re meant for something more is waiting for you to fully meet yourself.

Have you fully met yourself yet?

It’s nothing to be ashamed of if you haven’t.

Most people only know parts of themselves, with so many gifts, abilities, and passions left in the shadows of the land of the unknown.

These are all pieces of you.

The FULL you.

I know how exhausting this can be. It’s painful to sense all of the magic that’s already inside of yourself and have no clue how to access or fully express it.

So I’m going to tell you where and how to find it to fully meet yourself.


This “land of the unknown” that I mentioned exists out beyond your edges. Past the walls of the “box” that you feel comfortable and safe residing in.

You know you’re up against your edge when you feel nervous, anxious, scared, bad, wrong, terrified, or completely out of control.

Most people prefer to avoid these feelings, so they stay safely in the center of their box.

And you know what that does? It continuously shows you the same feedback about yourself day after day. It repeats that which you already know about yourself over and over in this never ending loop of existence.

This is a meek expression of the radiant spectrum that is YOU.

Are ready to fully meet yourself and discover what you’re truly made of?


Do new things you’ve never done before—and pay attention to what happens.

Even if it’s scary, hard, or challenging.

These feelings and experiences are not bad. You’re just not used to them. Yet.

When you start doing the things that push your edges, you will begin to learn SO. DAMN. MUCH. about yourself and an entirely NEW WORLD will open up before you.

How do I know? I’ve journeyed there. And hey look, I’ve lived to tell the tale!

As you grow and expand, your edges will also grow and expand with you.

Meaning that you will never be done with this work. And that is GREAT news.

Because it means that life is limitless. It will continue to unfold and evolve with us until our time here is complete.

I can hear the objections now (because I used to say the same thing): “But I like feeling comfortable and safe!”

No, you don’t. Your brain does.

We’re all genetically wired to avoid danger to stay alive. Without that blessed instinct, none of us would be here. Our species wouldn't have made it.

But we DID make it and we are no longer running from predators that want to eat us.

And yet, this defense mechanism still gets triggered when we sense a threat. Even if that “threat” is something like enrolling into a new coaching program, launching your dream business, or reaching out to that guy you really see something in.

“NOPE. That’s not safe. That’s not for me. I’ll stay right here.”

It’s ok. You can always stay in your box and continue having the same experience again and again until your last comfortable and safe breath.

This is not shaming or judgment. You have 100% choice in this.

And, if by chance, you get sick of the cycle and patterns one day—know that this experience is available to you anytime.

Stop only doing the same thing. Try something that scares you. See what you’re made of.

Comfort and safety are an illusion of lack.

And this form of lack tells you that comfort and safety only exist in certain situations.

The truth is, true “comfort and safety” are abundantly yours in all situations of life that you’re currently avoiding.

Trust yourself and take the plunge. You’ll meet yourself and all of your hidden magic in the cool waters of the unknown.

Go there. Make them known.

YOU are waiting.