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Future Self Journal

I’ve seen many Future Self Journal exercises from a lot of fantastic leaders in the self-help community and I’ve tried most of them. They’re all wonderful, but they never seemed to make an impact on me the way I had hoped.⁠

So, I developed my own.⁠

Taking everything I know about neuroplasticity and how my own brain works, I tailored this process to ignite the minds of those who are deeply connected to their SENSES.⁠

Though hyperfocused visualization and the exploration of an optional three-foot toss each day, this process will not only have you seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching your future, it will have you behaving and living as your successful Future Self RIGHT NOW.⁠

When I first developed this process, I committed to doing it every day for 30 days.⁠

In the first week, I felt a massive shift, began trusting my intuition more deeply, and started taking tangible action steps towards becoming my Future Self!⁠

With consistency, I know you will too.⁠

Are you ready to commit 15 minutes a day for 30-days to get closer to your dreams? Click here to download the worksheet for free.