Issue Acceptance

I participated in a fantastic exercise this past weekend at USM that I’m excited to share with you. It involves answering two questions.⁠

1. What is an issue you feel resistance to accepting?⁠

2. What would it look like if you were more accepting of this issue?⁠

I’ll share two personal examples with you so that you can see how this exercise works.⁠

I’m feeling resistance to accepting the loss of my dog, Oliver.⁠

If I were more accepting, I would no longer connect the loss of him to the loss of my mom (which occurred a month after she passed). I would no longer live in fear of who I could lose next. I would see that it’s ok to deeply miss him. I would be grateful for the love we shared for 12 amazing years and how he snuggled with me every night. I would bask in the love and abundance in my life. I would rest in the knowing that all souls eventually reunite. I would fully accept all of these thoughts and feelings as a part of my human experience and be gentle and patient with myself during this time.⁠

I’m feeling resistance to accepting the immense traffic and construction on the highway next to my neighborhood.⁠

If I were more accepting, I would understand that this situation is temporary. I would acknowledge that once the construction is complete, the traffic will naturally dissipate. I would feel joy that the new toll road will be safer and more convenient for commuters. I would be grateful that I work from home and rarely drive during rush hour. I would keep in mind the statistic that toll roads increase property value and that the value of my home may increase. I would view this temporary inconvenience as a long term gain and give thanks! ⁠

Hopefully my examples of both a “sad” and “frustrating” issue help give you an understanding of the range this process has and how it works.⁠

Now, try this on your own and see if it brings clarity or acceptance to a challenge you’re facing.⁠