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Life's Biggest Misconceptions

Have you ever felt unworthy or as if there is something wrong with you? I know I have, on many occasions and through many seasons of my life.

But when did these misconceptions begin and why are they so common?

To trace the issue back to its roots, you’ll need to dig into your past (most likely back to childhood) to understand where this misconception started.

For me, it began with my dad choosing to not be in my life. From childhood until about a year ago, I had no clue that his absence truly affected me. It was just a part of who I was. My mom loved me so much, I never really felt like I missed out on much.

But then I started to unpack the patterns and habits that were popping up in my adult life and suddenly it all made sense.

While I had a pretty magical childhood, as soon as I was old enough to understand it, I took not being chosen by my dad (a man) as meaning that there was something wrong with me. This was not something I thought about much (or ever), but my perception of self was set and the thoughts of unworthiness burrowed into my subconscious.

I then proceeded to live my life from a false belief system and habitual response pattern of “boys/men don’t like me” and “what can I do to make this boy/man want to be in my life?”

This pattern popped up everywhere and expressed itself often with boys/men throughout my childhood and well into my 30s. It was so interwoven into my unconscious that it completely obscured my perception of reality.

I would go from experience to unworthiness automatically, completely unaware of the childhood interpretation at play.

That realization was LIFE CHANGING.

I’ve since been able to take ownership of these thoughts and feelings, heal my inner child, and rewire my brain’s neuropathways to dissolve all of the self-misconceptions.

Do you have feelings of unworthiness that you’d like to heal? You have the ability to do this work too.