My Top TEN favorite Tools for Spiritual Growth


I’ve recently shared all of my favorite books and self-care tools. This post is dedicated to my top TEN favorite aids that support Spiritual growth and/or would look divine on your home altar or zen corner!⁠

1. Moleskin Journal: for journaling and active meditation⁠

2. Healing crystals and stones: for energy balance and support⁠

3. Essential Oil Roller: for relaxation and calm⁠

4. Tarot Deck: for guidance and play⁠

5. Salt Lamp: for calm and air purification⁠

6. Incense: for calm and peace⁠

7. Tibetan Singing Bowl: for meditation and energy balance⁠

8. Black Copal or Patchouli Resin: for energetic release and balance⁠

9. Smudge Sticks: for air purification and energy balance⁠

10. Meditation Pillow: for comfort and meditation⁠

What are your favorite tools that you use as a part of your Spiritual practice? Tell me in the comments or tag your soul sisters below so that she can spread the love!