My Top TEN Self-Care Tools

Last month I shared my favorite self-growth and Spiritually-focused books that I’ve read in the past year. This post is dedicated to my top TEN favorite self-care tools that support relaxation, better sleep, and overall wellness!⁠

1. Sleep Mask: for better sleep⁠

2. Essential oils and a diffuser: for mood balance/enhancement⁠

3. Epsom Bath Salt: for relaxation and period relief⁠

4. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: for better sleep⁠

5. Musical instrument: for a creative outlet and active meditation⁠

6. Near-Infrared Sauna: for relaxation and detox⁠

7. Dry Brush: for exfoliation and lymphatic drainage⁠

8. Acupressure Mat: for pain relief and increased blood circulation⁠

9. Art Supplies: for a creative outlet and active meditation⁠

10. Rebounder: for improved bone density and lymphatic drainage⁠

What are your favorite ways to practice self-care? Tell me in the comments or tag your favorite self-care guru so that she can show us her ways!⁠