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Opening the Channel

When you talk to God / Spirit / the Universe, do you receive UNDENIABLE and TANGIBLE responses in return?

I do! And I’m excited to teach you how I’ve built this ability over time so that you can try it for yourself.

Whether you never receive answers or do so inconsistently, this super simple exercise will strengthen your channeling muscle.

Every night before bed, do this practice or add it to the end of your bedtime prayer.

  1. Let God know that you want to strengthen your communication skills with each other.
  1. Ask to be provided with one image (or a word if you’re not a visual person) that is a physical real-world item.

For example, some images I’ve been shown recently include a penguin, mushrooms, an orange, tennis racket, and a train.

If you’re just starting out and the idea of “being shown” something feels too advanced, you can pick your own item. If you choose your own, be sure it’s somewhat challenging (not something you typically see everyday) and then let Spirit know what you picked.

Now for the fun part!

The next day, keep your eye out for the item. If you see it, smile and thank the Universe for this divine symbol of your open channel. Notice how many times you see it!

If you don’t see your symbol, that’s ok! Just let God know that you didn’t see it and that you want to try again tomorrow.

Keep at this and let me know how it works for you. Sometimes I can’t get over how many times my symbol will pop up in one day—I think my record is 3—and every time it feels like pure magic!