Perception VS Observation


Did you know that you can turn a simple observation into a biased perception in 0.10 of a second? It happens so quickly that you may never realize that you’re filtering your own reality through a dirty lens.

So who or what does this editing?

Your ego.

And what does your ego base these perceptions on?

Your personal beliefs.

SO, if your ego is editing that which you observe through the perception of your belief system, THEN wouldn’t it be worthwhile to occasionally reevaluate your personal beliefs to make sure they’re still serving you?

Afterall, many of your personal beliefs were formed as a child.

I don’t know about you, but my 5-year old self shouldn’t be calling the shots anymore. Or my 12, 27, or 35-year old self for that matter. (I’m 36.)

What outdated beliefs and stories are you still telling yourself that are no longer true? Are they holding you back? Keeping you safe? What would your life look like if you released them?