Playing Small?

We can be doing big things in our lives while remaining small in others.⁠

Where in your life are you playing small? I observe myself playing small with you.⁠

I have big ideas about how I’d like to grow this community and hold space for learning and healing, but I only show up a few times a month and then ghost you for weeks.⁠

I’ve got a lot of stories I’ve made up about myself, other content creators, and even YOU that keep me from fulfilling this vision.⁠

These stories serve me. Our stories always serve us, otherwise, we wouldn’t hang onto them.⁠

My stories allow me to stay lazy and uncommitted. They keep me out of the limelight and keep me safe. They save me from potential embarrassment, disappointment, and shame.⁠

My stories also hold me back from connection and greatness. They prevent me from working towards my calling. They block me from potential joy, accomplishment, and purpose.⁠

I’m going to commit to playing BIG for you. It will show up in baby steps, and I’m ok with that. I know that this work takes time, consistency, and patience.⁠

So tell me, where in your life are you playing small?⁠