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Soul Contracts: The Reality of "Painful" Relationships

How many "painful" relationships exist in your life—past or present?⁠

We all have them. It's a normal part of life.⁠

But I recently had the most profound realization that completely flipped the way I view these types of relationships.⁠

I'm going to use my dad as an example because this is how the lesson was shown to me.⁠

If you know me personally or have followed me for a while, you may know that my dad wasn't around when I was growing up. It has been a tricky subject to navigate most of my life.⁠

But I've been shown that we all have soul contracts with each other. We make agreements with each other before we come here into our human forms.⁠

So, before my dad and I came here in this lifetime, we made a promise to each other that the nature of our relationship would be just as it is.⁠

That it is important for it to be challenging and painful. That I was meant to experience abandonment and have to work hard to have healthy relationships with men.⁠

That all of this is what my soul needed to learn in this lifetime.⁠

And even if it's hard for my dad to show up this way—he made this promise to me and upholding it is an act of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.⁠

Until I came into this knowing, I had never felt loved by my dad. Now I see the nature of our relationship as a blessing and deeply loving on a completely different level.⁠

How could this lesson apply to the relationships in your life? To ex-lovers, old bosses, fizzled out friendships?⁠

Can you see the loving soul contracts at play within your most "painful" relationships?