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Spiritual Curriculum

Have you ever questioned the meaning of life? Obviously, no one knows the answer, but I’m drawn to the idea that it’s to grow, learn, and graduate from this “school of life” in which the lesson plan is based upon our unique spiritual curriculum.

Spiritual curriculum is not a widely used term, but it’s one that my teachers Ron and Mary Hulnick discuss a lot within the context of Spiritual Psychology and it deeply resonates with me.

A mashup of the dictionary’s definitions for “spiritual” and “curriculum” result in: relating to or affecting the soul in regards to the course of study in one’s life.

Who assigns this curriculum would be up for debate. Could it be God? (Spirit, Universe, Source—choose whatever name works for you.) Is it randomly assigned to us? Or maybe we choose our area of study before we enroll?

Regardless of who or what is assigning it, let’s agree for the sake of this exercise that we all have a spiritual curriculum. Since you came into existence with this curriculum, could you look at all of the challenges that you face in life as lessons laid out before you?

That everyone you know and encounter is also a student or teacher within your same school learning different course material?

That if you fail a course you’ll keep taking the same tests over and over again until you pass?

Or if you missed an early lesson you simply need to go back and complete it in preparation for what lies ahead?

If you could look at life this way, how would it make you feel? Less scared? More supported? Or like you're falling behind on the work? Would you judge others less knowing that they are working through a curriculum that’s different than yours? Tell me what’s coming forward for you in the comments.

School is in session.