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The 3 Facets: Physical, Mental, and Emotional Intelligence

The reason why lottery winners often go broke after winning the lottery is the same reason why people who lose weight often gain it back.

It’s the result of a major imbalance.

Let me explain—

You’re a multi-faceted being, right?

If you were to label your parts, you could say you’re made up of physical, mental, and emotional facets.

And too many times we’re “doing the work” within only one of these realms.

To fully integrate a new lesson and heal old wounds—your physical, mental, and emotional facets all have to arrive at the same place.


Let’s consider a woman who keeps dating the same totally-wrong-for-her man.

She’s got an active trauma response playing out in her adult life from an unhealthy relationship with her father as a child. In an effort to heal this wounding, she keeps dating emotionally unavailable men (just like Daddy) hoping that she can “get it right this time” and fix her father wound.

One day, she meets an incredible man. He’s thoughtful, romantic, and available to her in every way she’s ever dreamed.

She’s essentially healed her father wound/trauma response in the physical (material-world) realm.

But she hasn’t put any time into healing the mental and emotional realms where the trauma is still active.

So, the relationship crumbles and she goes back to her familiar (and totally-wrong-for-her) ex-boyfriend.

The physical realm rapidly surpassed the mental and emotional realms.

Said another way: The mental and emotional facets never caught up to the physical progress.

Healing a single facet does not heal the whole.

But it’s a step in the right direction.

Nature craves balance.

And this longing for balance—or homeostasis—is also present within us.

How balanced are you?

What realms are you focusing on?

Spending a lot of time manifesting material-world gains?

Make sure you’re putting the same amount of energy into your mental and emotional progress.⁠



  • Based in physical-world reality⁠
  • Change you can see visually⁠
  • Results you can track⁠
  • Progress that you observe over time⁠
  • Easiest to conceptualize⁠
  • The most common place to start⁠⁠


  • Based in your mind⁠
  • Information you can gather⁠
  • Research that supports your efforts⁠
  • Rational thinking and processing⁠
  • Mindset shifts and creative ideas⁠
  • Can be analytical and/or abstract⁠⁠


  • Based in your feelings⁠
  • Processing of emotions⁠
  • Connection to your body⁠
  • Non-visual tracking ex: journaling⁠
  • Communication skills a plus⁠
  • The most abstract facet⁠⁠

Now put it together:⁠


We’ll continue using our lovely example of the woman who keeps dating the same totally-wrong-for-her man.⁠

Tired of the cycle repeating, her mindset starts to shift as she suspects that there’s something from her past that’s been affecting her (mental). Through this exploration, she discovers her active father wound and begins an inner child healing process (emotional). No longer feeling out of whack with men, she goes to a friend’s intimate dinner party where she meets an incredible man (physical). She soon finds herself in the healthiest relationship of her life.⁠

It's not always this tidy, but you get the picture!⁠

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