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The 6-Figure Blueprint

There’s a critical step that comes BEFORE strategy...

When I first started coaching, I saw many examples of people creating 6-figure, multiple 6-figure, and even 7-figure YEARS for themselves online.

And the first thing I wanted to do was to know their strategy.

I have an extensive marketing and entrepreneurship background and I knew I could figure it out.

The only problem was—I couldn’t see how it was possible for ME.

I didn’t have what “they” had...

The followers.

The programs.

The clients.

I didn’t think that a 6-figure year was actually attainable.

And because I’m such a powerful manifestor—I made that true!

That is, until I got curious about numbers.

I was never a “numbers” person, but I started to see how the numbers could add up for me, no matter how many followers, programs, or clients I had.

It’s like I saw the light!

Once I could see the truth: That I COULD create a 6-figure year for myself with what I had…

I developed a system that could show me the strategy I needed to make it happen.

What is this magical, game-changing system you may ask?

It’s a spreadsheet. 😂

I know, probably not as epic as you were hoping, but that’s the magic of my system.

It’s easy enough that anyone can plug some numbers in and see exactly what they need to do to hit their income goals—whether that’s a 6-figure year, something less, or something more.

My system was too simple and too easy to keep to myself, so I created a FREE mini-training to show you how you can reach your goals too!

The 6-Figure Blueprint is for YOU.

Simply tap the image below and dive in!