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The Work (Awakening)

When you first dove into the work of awakening, did you romanticize about a future that was effortlessly magical? Full of crystals, Tibetan bells, and pretty books on your shelf? A smile on your face and the perfectly enlightened reaction readily available no matter what life presented to you?

I know I did.

I kept thinking that once I FINALLY resolved this childhood trauma, overcame that persistent trigger, and got past the current hardships in my life that I would be some zen goddess and my work would be done.

Have you imagined awakening to be this unrealistic too?

It makes sense that this would be so many people’s vision of working their process since few are sharing the true grit and effort that this work takes.

It takes courage, patience, and a willingness to be vulnerable and honest with your biggest critic—yourself.

You have to dig up and face old traumas that you once buried.

You have to embrace your triggers and accept them as signs of where to focus your work.

You must actively work to dissolve judgments that come from the ego and make peace with the act of surrender.

Don’t get me wrong—my “style” of work still involves plenty of hippy shit because it brings me joy, but it’s not a prerequisite for the work. The real work “simply” requires that you show up with an open heart every day in spite of how challenging it may feel at times.

Are you ready to do the work?