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Three-Foot Toss

Do your dreams and goals feel massively unattainable? Or how about that project that you keep putting off for later? Too big to realistically tackle in a weekend like you keep wishing you could?⁠

Picture yourself with a bucket of balls in one hand and laid out before you are additional buckets marked at various distances at 3-feet, 10-feet, 30-feet, and 100-feet.⁠

Now, a 100-foot toss may seem very enticing to you—a big win—but what are the odds you'll actually make it? You may miss every shot or feel like it's too far away to even bother. If you're lucky you may hit it but are you the gambling type?⁠

The 30-foot and 10-foot buckets look a little easier, but every time you miss one it's discouraging. So you decide to aim for the 3-foot bucket exclusively.⁠

This bucket is so close you sink them ALL. One after another. Bam, bam, bam! Over and over. You feel accomplished and you're building so much experience and skill that you know when to go for the 10, 30, and 100-foot tosses too.⁠

With this concept in mind, consider the three-foot tosses that you could start taking to get closer to your BIG goals.⁠