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Trauma, Loss & Grief Conversation

My mom received an irreparable injury by the hands of a doctor during surgery on December 3, 2018.

Hysterectomies are the second most commonly performed gynecological surgical procedures (after cesarean sections) in the United States.

Odds are you or someone you know has had one of these procedures.

On March 20, 2019—107 days after the initial surgery—my mom’s physical body succumbed to the fatal injury as she transitioned from this life. She was only 66 years old.

This is my story.

An unscripted, raw account of the most unbearable 107 days of my life. How I survived. And how, even in the darkest of days, faith, purpose, and love managed to carry me through.

This talk is dedicated to my mom, Teresa Klenke, my sister, Jenny, and anyone else who is navigating their own loss and grief.

You are not alone.