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What "Cringe-Inducing" Videos Taught Me

I've been following people for years that post videos of themselves dancing online.⁠

It used to make me cringe.⁠ 🥴⁠

Then, slowly over time, I started dancing more, and seeing others move their bodies so freely brought a smile to my face.⁠

But I still felt vulnerable (deeper feeling: fearful) dancing in the privacy of my own home.⁠

Fearful that my husband may unexpectedly catch me dancing and fearful to catch myself dancing in a mirror.⁠

So as always, I unpacked these feelings.⁠

As it turns out, the cringe was always highlighting my own feelings and insecurities within myself.⁠

Spoiler alert: Big feelings or reactions towards others are ALWAYS highlighting and reflecting back the work that we ourselves need to do.⁠

And because our challenges and issues don't just show up in one facet of our life—they show up in every facet of our life—I knew healing this part of myself would have a ripple effect on a big scale.⁠

I began to pull up my limiting beliefs and stress responses and replace them with my deeper truth and inner knowing.⁠

Instead of: What will people think about me? I ask: What do I think about myself?⁠

Instead of: I look slutty. I know: I’m dancing.⁠

Instead of: I shouldn’t touch myself like this. I know: I will touch myself however I like.⁠

Instead of: Am I doing this right? I know: This feels good.⁠

Instead of: I look like an idiot. I know: I’m enjoying this.⁠

Instead of: I feel so vulnerable. I know: I am so free.⁠

Instead of: People will unfollow me. I know: People can do whatever they please.⁠

Instead of: I will be judged. I ask: Am I judging myself?⁠

And here's the juiciest piece of the pie in healing yourself.⁠

Ask: Can I forgive myself for this? Can I release my own self-judgments about this? Can I let go of my own insecurities?⁠

If we can, we will automatically forgive and release the judgments we have towards others.⁠

And if we can’t, we ask: What’s standing in the way? How are these beliefs serving me?⁠

Everything we do "serves" us in some way. Discover how this is serving you to then heal it and let it go.⁠

This is true freedom.