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Where Do You Want to Be in 12 Weeks?

This work fell into my lap—literally.

I had peers from various coaching programs I’ve been in over the past two years reaching out to me for business support.

They had gained the skills to be incredible coaches—but not incredible entrepreneurs.

So I hosted a business development and market research call for a group of coaches to see how I could be of service to them.

(Some of you reading this may have been a part of that initial call!)

They shared many of the same fears...

  • How do I find clients?
  • How much should I charge?
  • Do I have to be on social media?
  • How do I find work/life balance?
  • How do I form an LLC?
  • Do I start with 1:1 clients or group programs?
  • How do you create a group program?
  • I HATE sales! How do I sell myself?

...And I had solutions!

That’s why I created Building UP.

In just 12 weeks, I will take you from NOT having a business to running a fully functioning online business with a clear strategy, a list of interested clients, and an income-generating group program you are proud of and SELLING!

Building UP is anchored in these three KEY categories

  1. Teaching: In-depth educational videos that take the guesswork out of the steps needed to build YOUR VERSION of a successful and thriving online business.
  2. Coaching: Live weekly coaching sessions to answer all of your burning questions and support you as you create, launch, and sell your OWN income-generating group program.
  3. Community: Be immersed amongst and cheered on by like-minded peers growing their own businesses and programs alongside you.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish in each of the eight modules

  1. Building Your Business: Make your business legally sound and confidently lay the foundation for alignment and sustainability moving ahead. 
  2. Building Your Foundation: Get crystal clear about your specialty service and learn to speak your soulmate client’s unique language.
  3. Building Your Platform: Master the art of social media and develop an engagement strategy that leaves you feeling fulfilled and energized.
  4. Building Your Opt-In: Develop a free product consciously created for your soulmate clients to further grow your community.
  5. Building Your Community: Nurture the relationship with your soulmate clients as you build an irresistible program they are eager to invest in.
  6. Building Your Program: Finalize your program concept and get ready to share it with the world in a way that lights you up.
  7. Building Your Strategy: Practice the art of sacred sales as you confidently sell your program with intention, integrity, and the highest service.
  8. Building Your Future: Celebrate your launch and all of your wins while also reflecting on the past 12-weeks and building the path forward.


Just THINK of where you could be 12 weeks from now…

If you’re ready, now is the time! Don’t put it off. Your future clients need you.

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