Why I'm NOT Going Keto

Guess what? I'm NOT going keto.

After discussing keto with my functional medicine doctor as well as my friend Elle Russ, author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution, it was recommended that due to my hypothyroidism (and recent bloodwork) that I hold off a bit before going full keto and instead stick with a basic paleo diet.

It's been a long time since I've tracked macros and after loosely tracking carbs the past few weeks I thought it might be time to track my macros as a reminder of what I should be consuming on a daily basis. I tend to either drastically undereat (when I'm busy) or overeat (ordering lavish gluten-free meals at restaurants) so I took this as my opportunity for a calorie and macro reality check.

To give some perspective to my new strategy, a keto macro breakdown is typically 75F/20P/5C and paleo is 60F/20P/20C. (F= fat, P = protein, C = carbs, numbers are % of overall calories.) I decided that 50 grams of carbs and 1500 calories per day sounded good to me to start, so that put my macros at 67F/20P/13C.


Back in my low fat and low calorie days, I used to OBSESS about tracking and keeping my calories as low as possible, usually consuming between 500 to 800 calories per day (but sometimes as low as 300). To be clear—I'm being very mindful to not trigger those old obsessions. I don't believe my mind works that way anymore, but you never know...so I'm staying very aware of my feelings while tracking. I also don't plan to track for more than a couple of weeks.

That said, I tracked my macros yesterday and came pretty dang close to hitting them exactly as planned. I've included photos of all of my meals as well as screenshots from MyFitnessPal to show you calorie and macro breakdowns.

One final note. I know 1500 calories sound low (especially to the paleo community), but the only physical activity I'm currently partaking in is walking. I'm also paying close attention to how I feel and I may choose to adjust my macro ratios (closer to the paleo breakdown I listed above) or increase my calories (once I start working out again).


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