You Have My Permission

You have my permission! Yes, YOU!⁠

Do that thing that just popped into your head as soon as you read that you have permission.⁠

What does it feel like to have permission?⁠

Sit with that for a moment.⁠

How would it feel to have permission to do ALL OF THE THINGS that you want to do in life?⁠

Well, spoiler alert—you DO have permission to do all of the things!⁠

Only limiting beliefs can hold you back in life, but luckily you have the power to change your beliefs.⁠

Does it feel scary to do the thing? Reframe that fear as excitement.⁠

Are there too many steps involved to do the thing? Thank God for the abundant lessons ahead.⁠

Will someone lose respect for you if you do the thing? You don’t have their respect in the first place if that’s all it takes.⁠

It’s that easy.⁠

Give YOURSELF permission and do the damn thing.⁠