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Your Gifts and Purpose

One day, self-help will no longer be your ONLY resource.⁠

You put on your oxygen mask. Take care of yourself. Heal past traumas. Learn from life lessons. Connect with your inner truth.⁠

This is all BIG and important work that takes a lot of couragehonestyenergy, and love.⁠

Thank you for doing it.⁠

But at some point, you will come to the truth that you are not a project that constantly needs to be FIXED.⁠

You are not broken. You are not damaged. And you know there is something else beyond this.⁠ You were meant for more.⁠

Are you ready to uplevel? Good!⁠

Let’s talk about the resources that are your God-given gifts and your divine soul’s purpose.⁠

1. Make a list of your GIFTS. All of them. Yes, even that thing you’re thinking about that seems pointless—because it’s not. You were given all of these gifts, talents, and interests for a reason.⁠

That reason is your PURPOSE.⁠

2. Once you’re looking at a collection of your gifts, a funny thing might happen. A purpose may come forward. What does that look like? How does it feel?⁠

I bet you already admire someone with these same gifts and purpose.⁠

We need more of you. Follow that calling.⁠