"I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Leslie. She has helped me to narrow down what seems most important to work on together to help me achieve my goals with a healthy and mindful approach. Leslie is gentle, kind, encouraging and honest. I so much appreciate the progress I have been able to make with her by my side. Leslie’s perspective has helped me to open my mind to different perspective and possibilities on my journey.  I look forward to my weekly coaching session with her as much as I look forward to a call with my best friend."

Angie A.

• • •

"Leslie guided me through some of the very tough personal questions that I long had about myself, that I haven’t been able to answer on my own. I came out with much needed realizations! I highly recommend a coaching session with her."

– Brittany S.

• • •

"First, Leslie, thank you so much for taking time out to chat through with what I wanted out of the call. You made the entire experience feel so welcoming and comfortable for me. I went in very open and not having a particular question or concern. I have been feeling stressed with everything going on in the world, and I left feeling revived. Having some answers for questions I didn’t even know I had. Helping get through my inside hurdles and overwhelming thoughts. I’ve been practicing a little every day with what we discussed, and I truly believe it is helping me mentally. Thank you again! I can’t wait to do this again!"
– Chastine V.

• • •

"I'm so grateful for you, Leslie, for being there in a masterful way and allowing the clarity that I was looking for to naturally emerge from my creative being. I'm excited too! Thank you so much for your support!"

Juan R.

• • •

"Having a session with Leslie not only helped me tune into my own intuitions more clearly, but lifted my heart and soul at a time that I so deeply needed. She offered such great clarity on several issues we chatted about and she brings an open heart and wonderful soul to interact with. I enjoyed several "ah-hah" moments (and even a few tears) as I listened to her perspective and gentle guidance. After we finished my heart was filled with gratitude and determination. Leslie is truly a gift...her voice, her soul, her kind heart and supportive intuitions!"

Michelle D.

• • •

"Working with Leslie has really helped to get me un-stuck. We have only had a few sessions together so far but it has been a tremendous help. While working with her I have had several ‘ah-ha’ moments as well as renewed confidence in myself, and more inspiration to pursue my goals. We are still in the beginning stages of working together but I expect many more great things to come. Leslie is very easy to connect with and I am so grateful to her for sharing her gifts as a coach with me!"

– Sarah W.