Cards & Convo Coaching Session
Cards & Convo Coaching Session
Cards & Convo Coaching Session
Cards & Convo Coaching Session

Cards & Convo Coaching Session

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You don't have to "believe in" Tarot for this session to be deeply profound and insightful. In the context of this call, the chosen Tarot card serves as a tool for exploration. During our discussion, I will hold space for you to explore aspects of yourself, your life, and your intuition within a safe and supportive coaching session.


  • A 1-hour video call card reading and conversation
  • Follow up email with session recap

How Cards & Convo Works

You may come into the session with a question or intention or allow the session to unfold naturally. I will pull a single Tarot card from the deck with your assistance. After sharing a description of the card, together we will explore these three key concepts:

  • What would this card mean if I took it literally?
  • What would this card mean if I took it figuratively?
  • What do I ultimately take this card to mean to me?

I will contact you within 1 business day of purchase to schedule our call. I can be flexible with your schedule within reason (no calls after 8pm CT; weekends are limited). Cards & Convo is for individuals only, no couple or group calls permitted.

Sample Cards & Convo Session

Card drawn:  Eight of Cups

Card meaning
"Stagnation & Ill Health – The Eight of Cups sends an urgent message to pack your bags and move on. There is no hope of rekindling what's been lost. You must start anew. This card also points to phases of illness and physical stagnation. The message could not be more clear: nothing good remains for you here. Lift your eyes to the horizon, and let your feet lead you forward."

What would this card mean if I took it literally?
I could take this card as a doomsday warning. With the COVID-19 outbreak, I could dive into fear and uncertainty. That "illness and stagnation" point to me getting sick and being quarantined. That things are really bad and no one can save me.

What would this card mean if I took it figuratively?
I could take this as a metaphor for the chapter of life I'm currently in. That what I've been doing is no longer working and it's time for a fresh start. That I should let go of my comfort zone because nothing good remains in these spaces of stagnancy. That I have all the inner resources necessary to move forward.

What do I ultimately take this card to mean to me?
After examining both the literal and figurative sides of this card, I realize that I'm at a crossroads of opportunity. Yes, this pandemic is challenging and out of my control, but I always have the power to control the way I respond to things. I choose to take this "downtime" at home as a moment to reflect and listen to my intuition which I have recently been out of touch with. There has been stagnant energy present which I've been ignoring regarding my job and relationships. I've been avoiding the truth in busy work at my company and people-pleasing in my friendships. Now is my time to get clear on my goals, morals, and values so that my life can be aligned and balanced. I'm going to explore new opportunities and start putting self-serving boundaries in place.