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Empowerment Sessions

Empowerment Sessions

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A 4-week coaching container providing you with clarity, focus, and a solid roadmap to accomplishing your short- and long-term goals.

Four weekly 20-minute calls for only $25 per session!

>> It is recommended that you complete an enrollment call to confirm coach+client chemistry and compatibility prior to purchasing this package if we haven't already connected. You may book your enrollment call here.

>> Upon purchase of your Empowerment Sessions, you will receive an email with a downloadable PDF. Within this PDF are links to the intake questionnaire, release form, and scheduling calendar.

Four sessions for only $100? Let's talk about this price!

As a part of my on-going commitment to be of the highest service to my clients and community, I am in the final stage of receiving my coaching board certification through Kresser Institute.

[For a full list of my current certifications, visit my about page here.]

Kresser Institute (KI) will evaluate my skills and competencies as a coach by reviewing two demo coaching videos that I submit to them. This is where you (and this once-in-a-lifetime pricing) come in!

Our sessions will be recorded and I will select two videos to submit for my certification. If I choose one of your sessions*, I will request specific permission from you prior to submitting it to KI.

*Note: Empowerment Sessions will be made available to up to 10 clients. Because of the number of videos I will be recording in preparation for my certification, there's a high chance that I won't submit one of your videos. Regardless, you will receive this special pricing for your willingness to support me and my journey to becoming a board-certified holistic life coach!

If I select one of your videos for submission, it will only be heard/seen by myself and the KI program faculty. It will not be published, made public, or shared in any way. Your privacy and confidentiality are protected and secure, and your name and/or any other personal wellness or identifying information is not included as a part of the submission.

The purpose of the recording and submission is solely to provide feedback to me as a coach and to grow my skills and competencies. Your input and words are not a part of the evaluative process.

You must sign an Informed Consent Release Form to participate in the Empowerment Sessions. If you'd like to review this form prior to the purchase of this program, you may preview it here.

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Empowerment Sessions will be available for a ​limited time​. If you’d like to lock in this rate and work together for more than one month, please purchase additional sessions—up to three in total. (Three months for $300.)