Inner Child Healing Masterclass
Inner Child Healing Masterclass

Inner Child Healing Masterclass

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This digital course includes:

  • Inner Child Healing Masterclass video (1:30:11)
  • Inner Child Healing Masterclass MP3 (1:30:11)
  • Inner Child Healing Masterclass session notes (PDF)
  • Solo-Process #1 Free-Form Writing (PDF)
  • Solo-Process #2 Inner Child Reconnection (PDF)
  • Solo-Process #3 The Gestalt Approach (PDF)

The Three Solo-Processes: Free-Form Writing, Inner Child Reconnection, and The Gestalt Approach are therapeutic practices that you will learn how to conduct in the privacy of your own home.

"I really enjoyed the masterclass! It has been more helpful than my weekly therapy sessions." – Inner Child Healing Masterclass client

In this Inner Child Healing Masterclass, you'll learn:

  • What inner child healing is and what to expect as you embark on your own healing journey
  • The importance of defining your "why" and setting an intention for this life-changing work
  • My never before shared vulnerable story—my why, my "dark night of the soul," and my inner child healing journey
  • What it means to identify as a victim, why we choose this label, how it serves us, and how to disidentify from it
  • Common themes in inner child wounding to normalize your past and validate the truth you're not alone, broken, or "bad"
  • Introduction and thorough explanation of THREE solo self-guided processes (Free-Form Writing, Inner Child Reconnection, and The Gestalt Approach) which you will explore and work at your own pace on your own time
  • What to do if you need additional support outside of your own self-guided healing